Charities Raising Money for Stillbirth Research

Because there are so many reasons that a pregnancy could result in a stillbirth, it is important for scientists and doctors to collaborate on researching the causes. Without comprehensive studies into pregnancy and infant mortality rapregnancy_stages_s19_doctor_pregnant_womantes, no advancements will be made in reducing the complications that cause babies to be born this way.

As a result, there are many global organizations devoted to helping the cause. Some of these groups focus on raising money to support families impacted by the problem, provide education and awareness about stillbirths, or to help fund research about the causes. Most groups also have awareness events such as walks or runs to promote their cause. These groups have a similar drive to ensure that all babies are born healthy and given the chance to thrive outside the womb. Here are a few organizations that help to raise funds to research stillbirths:

  • The March of Dimes

This famous organization works to promote the health of babies in many different ways, one of which is preventing stillbirths. They also focus on reducing the occurrence of babies being born prematurely and babies being born with birth defects. Additionally, the group gives help and hope to mothers impacted by these complication through advice on how to cope with grief and loss.

  • Stillbirth Foundation

An Australian-based charity that is completely dedicated to the cause, this organization works to inspire people to donate and volunteer.

  • Sands

This UK Stillborn and Neonatal Death Charity gives people access to recent news, ways to donate, and the chance to read stories of people who have been impacted by stillbirth.

These are just a few of the many charities around the world working to prevent the causes of stillborns. While there are always risks associated with pregnancy, the more that doctors know about the causes, the more they can help mothers give birth to healthy babies.