Common Causes of Stillbirth

Unfortunately, in some cases there is no clear answer as to what caused the stillbirth. However, some insight can be provided through an autopsy. Other causes are a bit more easily identified by a doctor or medical professional. Some common causes of stillborn babies are as follows:pre-eclampsia-na-gravidez

  • Preeclampsia

A lot of attention has been given to this complication lately, and the media has begun to cover it more in recent years. A doctor needs to identify if a mother is at risk for this condition that is often characterized by high blood pressure.

  • Umbilical cord complications

The umbilical cord is the baby’s lifeline to critical nutrients that it needs to stay healthy and growing. However, this tether can often cause problems as well. One of the problems that can occur with an umbilical cord is that it can become knotted or wrapped around the baby.

  • Illness

Sadly, if the mother’s body is unable to stay healthy the baby’s life can be put in jeopardy as well. If the mother develops a significant illness or severe infection, it can cause the baby to be stillborn. This is why it’s extremely important for women to be as healthy as possible throughout their entire pregnancy. Frequent doctors visits and preventative measures such as maintaining a healthy diet and getting the necessary nutrients can help mothers to create a healthy environment for their baby to grow.

  • Lifestyle choices

The choices a mother makes can impact the health of her baby. If a mother drinks, smokes, or does drugs during her pregnancy it can put the baby at risk for complications.

Mothers need to watch the growth of their babies closely so that they can catch warning signs of potential problems early. Talking to a doctor and having regular prenatal checkups can help to monitor the baby’s progress and identify any issues before they become life-threatening.