Prominent People Impacted by Stillbirth

Stillbirth can impact anyone no matter where they live, how much money they make, or how amazing their medical care is. In fact, there are some notable people who have been affected by stillbirth. While many of the people on this list went on to have other children, they all were impacted by the loss of a child. Here are just a few celebrities who have had to deal with the devastation of a stillborn baby:

  • Keanu Reevesjackie

The Matrix actor lost his daughter, Ava, when she was stillborn in the late 1990s.

  • Lily Allen

This UK songstress lost a son in 2010. She used this tragic event to lend a voice and promote awareness of stillbirths.

  • Jackie Kennedy

Few people know that the First Lady’s first child was stillborn in the mid-1950s. While she went on to have other children, she suffered another loss of a child when her son Patrick died just two days after his birth.

  • Barbara Eden

The famous TV genie lost a child very late in her pregnancy.

  • Katey Sagal

A veteran Hollywood actress, she gave birth to a stillborn daughter in 1991.

  • Wendy Williams

As an outspoken television and radio personality, you might be surprised to learn about Wendy’s heartbreaking personal losses. She has had two stillbirths and one miscarriage.

  • Elvis’ Mother

Perhaps one of the most famous instances of stillbirth, Elvis’ mother Gladys was pregnant with Elvis and his twin Jesse. Sadly, Jesse was stillborn, a fact that would haunt Elvis for his entire life. Being the surviving twin, Elvis grappled with the loss of his twin and struggled to understand Jesse’s death throughout his entire life.

  • Annie Lennox

The popular singer lost a son in 1988, and has spoken out about her loss in subsequent years.

The impact of stillbirth is far reaching. Celebrities sometimes keep their grief quiet, while others choose to let it motivate them to act as advocates for the cause.