The Emotional Toll of Stillbirths

Having a baby is a very special time for a woman, and she spends months physically and emotionally preparing to bring a new life into the world. When this time does not have the anticipated outcome, the mother will need a lot of support. It cannthings-a-guy-feels-when-he-can-rsquo-t-express-his-emotions4-1465477145ot be overstated how painful it is for a woman to give birth to a stillborn.

Both her body and mind were prepared to raise a newborn, and this opportunity is lost when the baby is born without any sign of life. Sometimes a woman is aware that the baby will be stillborn, as doctors can run fairly accurate tests to determine the health of the baby before the actual birth. However, occasionally late-term complications cause a stillbirth that the mother is completely unaware will occur. In either case, it is an emotional time for the mother who now needs to adjust to life without the baby she spent so long preparing to raise.

Many mothers of stillborns choose to honor the baby in some way. Often, they will name the child and remember it every year with a personal tribute on the baby’s birthday. Some women also get tattoos with the name to remind them of the child that they lost.

Coping with the grief is a long and difficult process. Mothers do not fully recover from the loss of a child, and carry the loss with them. However, counseling and therapy can help them to repair some of the scars that come with the death of their child. There are many therapists that specialize in grief counseling and can give mothers the resources and methods that will help them to navigate this delicate situation. It is important for mothers to deal with their grief using healthy outlets, and counselors can provide them with a safe and protective space to process the loss.