Ways to Lower the Risk of Stillbirth

There is no certain way to prevent stillbirth from occurring. However, there are some steps that mothers can take to lower the risk that they will have a stillborn. A few ways that mothers can try to reduc
e the chances of a stillbirth are the following:

  • Keep a healthy diet

A mother is their baby’s only source of nutrients. That means what a mother consumes will directly impact the health of her baby. Eating a balanced diet filled with foods rich in nutrients will help your baby to grow in a healthy epregnancynvironment.

  • Maintain a healt
    hy lifestyle

Mothers should avoid consuming any alcohol while pregnant, as studies show it can have harmful effects on developing babies. Similarly, women should never smoke or do drugs while pregnant.

  • Determine risk factors early

There are certain medical conditions that will increase a mother’s risk of having a stillborn. It is important for expectant mothers to visit a doctor regularly to ensure they are aware of any possible medical complications or conditions they are predisposed to that might cause issues with their pregnancy. Mothers should give their doctor a complete medical history, as well as discuss any family instances of significant illnesses or stillbirths. This will help the doctor to determine if the mother or the baby is at risk.

  • Get active

Mothers need to stay active and maintain a healthy weight throughout their pregnancy. While half of this equation is eating well, the other half is getting regular exercise and making sure to be active throughout the pregnancy.

Expecting mothers should consult with their physicians before making significant lifestyle changes while pregnant. It is important to let the doctor know if there will be any medical, dietary, or activity changes. This way, the doctor can give their expert medical opinion and help the mother ensure that her baby is adjusting to the changes well.