Ways to Volunteer

There are a few ways to volunteer for the cause. Here are just a few ideas of ways you can help:

  • Participate in an eventmedical-school-application-clinical

There are countless events each year to help promote awareness of stillbirths and raise money for research. Many of these events come in the forms of themed walks or runs. Participants are asked to raise money from sponsors to support their efforts. Some events will ask for a set donation, while others will allow runners to ask for money based on distance or time.

  • Offer your services

If you are a counselor or therapist, considering lending a hand to families in need. The costs associated with talking to an expert can often prevent people from seeking out the support they so desperately need. If you are able to help just a few hours a month, you can give comfort and coping skills to families that are devastated by the loss of a child. Many support groups are looking for compassionate and understanding professionals to lead the groups and help the participants to process their feelings.

  • Help a support group

There are many regional support groups that provide both mothers and families with helpful resources. These groups are often based in communities and bring people together who are impacted by stillbirths. Since it can be such a rare problem, people struggling with the grief and loss of a stillborn baby might find it hard to find people that they can relate to or who have had relatable experiences. Support groups provide families with strong networks of people who are in similar situations. These groups are often led by an expert or experts in coping with loss and grief. You can volunteer to help plan events, promote groups, or help with making sure the group runs smoothly on the day-of the meeting.