A stillbirth is when a mother gives birth to a baby that does not show any signs of life. While uncommon, there are many potential causes of stillbirths. Doctors and scientists do not know all of the reasons a pregnancy might result in a stillborn baby, and therefore research is being done to help identify the causes.

There are some known risk factors that can increase the chances of a baby being born stillborn. These complications make it important for mothers to seek the care of a doctor and go for regular checkups. If caught early enough in a pregnancy, these issues may not cause any problems and the baby will be born healthy. However, if left unchecked, some of these problems could progress and damage the health of the baby.

Stillbirth can impact anyone. Losing a child is a painful experience that is devastating to everyone involved. It is important for both mothers and families impacted by stillbirth to seek emotional support to help them during this difficult time. In most areas, there are support groups, counsellors, and therapists that have experience in helping people coping with stillbirth.

Here you will find a collection of articles about stillbirths and stillborn babies. Nowadays more and more people are becoming aware of the problem because of the vast number of global charities shedding light on the cause. There are a lot of support organizations in place to help both mothers and families who are coping with the grief that the sudden loss of a baby brings.